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CEI activities in support of SMEs

In support of SMEs CEI provides, on its website, news and information on the following items:

  • Standardisation activities:
    • Normative documents (preview)
      Since 2010 the Webstore has allowed a preview of CEI Standards. It is a limited preview of the PDF file, useful to identify the standard needed before proceeding to its purchase.
      To have access to the preview it is sufficient to click on the icon. The preview is not available to the users that have access to the complete standard.
    • Public Enquiries
      New Work Item Proposals: in this section it is possible to view the lists of new proposals of IEC and CENELEC standards, as well as standards and technical guides of national origin, at the beginning of the standardization activities (link)
      Projects of national and international standards: in this section it is possible to view freely the texts of the projects of standards and technical guides of national origin during the public enquiry period, as foreseen by CEI statutory documents. Moreover, the references relevant to projects of IEC, CENELEC and ETSI standards are also made available
    • Technical Questions
      This service, freely available, intends to give clarifications on the interpretation and application of CEI standards on the basis of technical questions and requests of the users.


It is worthwhile to underline the particular facilitations for SMEs relatively to their association to CEI: