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Presentation Area dedicated to SMEs

CEI offers this section of its website to present information, news, documents, products and services on technical standardisation dedicated in particular to Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs).

For many years CEI has been addressing SMEs as a fundamental and dynamic interface relatively to technical standardisation and spread of technical-scientific knowledge promoting initiatives and developing channels of mutual and profitable collaboration such as:

  • Active involvement of SMEs and relevant Trade Associations in the standardisation activities, through representatives nominated as members of Technical Committees;
  • Specific diffusion of normative documents;
  • Direct access to normative documents in the preliminary public enquiry stage in view of the start of new work items (link), or of successive public enquiry stage in view of the final publication (link);
  • Possibility to present comments or requests of further information in both the above-mentioned enquiry stages, using the template FormularioIP.docx (link);
  • Elaboration of Application Guides (submitted to public enquiries and thus approved by all involved parties) relatively to CEI or CEI EN standards on topics of specific interest;
  • Development of Application softwares for the correct implementation of the normative documents;
  • Preparation of divulgative documents dealing with particular applicative topics, thus welcoming precise requests coming from this sector, or stemming from the implementation of European Directives;
  • Organisation of nationwide training events (conventions and seminars), free of charge, and other permanent education initiatives for the correct interpretation and application of CEI standards and technical Guides;
  • Possibility of presenting technical questions on the normative documents for their correct interpretation and application;
  • Signature of collaboration protocols with representative Trade Associations for the promotion and technical knowledge and for economic facilitations to the benefit of operators (particularly subscriptions to collections of standards of specific interest);
  • Participation of CEI experts in support of events (conventions, seminars, fairs, etc.) organized by SMEs;
  • “Super partes” coordination and cooperation with all the institutions, associations and economic operators involved in supporting and promoting the SMEs cultural heritage.